Custom Cable Manufacture Custom Enclosures Circuit Board Design

AIC began in 1983 as many small companies do: a great idea and a garage. Our founder had spent several years programming automation applications and was bothered by the variability in the quality of the industrial electrical enclosures he would encounter. Some units had wire labels and device labels; others did not. Some had wire duct in an attempt at neatness; others did not. Almost none of the enclosures would have had power applied to them before they arrived at their final destination. Thus, applying power once the unit was delivered was always a dangerous gamble!

The idea of responsible design included a documented assembly process that would ensure the quality of the finished enclosure. This process encapsulated a high level of quality that has been included in every enclosure that has shipped from AIC. The ability to test every enclosure at full voltage helps to eliminate surprises when power is applied for the first time on site.

Another innovative idea was to design circuit boards to fit industrial applications. In the early years of industrial automation, communication between devices and high-speed applications was very limited by the hardware available on the market. AIC applied their microcontroller and circuit design experience to create solutions for such applications. This capability remains one of our strengths today. If an application requires a piece of hardware that doesn't exist, we make it!